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MMS Saves Lives


The Fantastic New MMS Book

August 15,2011

I know, it seems a little dramatic to call it fantastic. But what other book since the beginning of time has explained how to make a medicine that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives and reduced suffering for millions? What other book tells you how to overcome almost any incurable disease in yourself or someone else for pennies per dose?


To download the eBook or buy the printed book, please go to www.miraclemineral.org. www.master-mineral.org. The first half is available as a free download.


The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium is based on 14 years of my experience and the experience of thousands of others. I have compiled data sent to me from around the globe concerning MMS use. Thousands of people have sent us stories of how MMS made them or their loved ones well. You can read some of them here. A very large amount of data has been compiled for this book.


Medical Reports on 800 HIV Cases

A year ago, while in Malawi, I successfully treated more than 800 HIV cases. I counted them as successful because their sickness went away and they went back to work or to their families, or just back to their lives. Of course, there are no tests to prove that a person no longer has HIV, because the antibodies will always be present. But when a previously sick person is feeling good and happy, and his energy is back to normal or better, we can figure their health has been restored. I have medical reports for the 800 people treated.


One critic emailed me the other day complaining that since I didnt put these reports on the internet, I obviously didnt have them. Here is what I told him:

  • All 800 medical reports have telephone numbers. Everyone in Africa has a phone or a place to get messages. So you can come here and sit down and call as many of the Africans as you wish.Youe can verify their statements of feeling good and happy. Come and do it; I cant do it for you.


That reply goes for anyone else who wants to claim that I dont have 800 medical reports. I dont broadcast the patients names because like any American HIV patient, they dont want everyone to know that they had HIV.


Effective Protocols For Dozens of Diseases

That 800 is only a small percentage of the total who have been successfully treated by MMS. I have treated more than 5000 in person for a wide variety of conditions, plus a similar number over the phone or through email. Based on these thousands of cases, I and those who helped me have developed protocols to heal dozens of diseases that MMS alone will not heal. The proper protocol must be used. Obviously the protocol for a cold is different from that for cancer.

  • There are some fungi that MMS doesnt overcome. Luckily though, I had found the answer for that years before.

  • There are some spider bites that MMS doesnt help, but we have the answer to that as well.

  • Sometimes a cancer can become very resistant to MMS and we have found other things that can usually handle that problem.

  • And of course, we have MMS2 which can be used in place of MMS1 or can supplement it, making it even more effective.


We have a small but extremely effective arsenal of items that are equal to MMS in their area of operation. They are all miracle minerals and they are discussed in my book. Also let me say that:

  • At any time, if you come to believe that MMS doesnt work, I will personally refund your book cost including shipping; (but to be fair, only if you tried MMS).


Fast-Acting For Malaria

In most cases MMS is fast-acting. Malaria is humanitys worst disease and has killed more people than all the wars. MMS heals it in 4 hours. Thats hard to believe and I am amazed each time it happens when a malaria victim shaking with high fever, vomiting, suffering from migraine headache, aching joints and muscles, and diarrhea, begins to feel better in just one hour. At the end of 4 hours, in 90% of cases, all symptoms are gone. If the individual is in a hospital, he gets up, puts his clothes on, and goes home. Usually he goes back to work the next day even if he is a little weak. The 10% who arent healed in 4 hours are still healed it just takes a couple of hours longer. Malaria is caused by a parasite and MMS always kills it, but if the person is still sick, it is because of some other disease still present that will take a little longer to resolve.


Origin of the Hourly Doses

In 1954, Adelle Davis wrote a book called Lets Eat Right to Keep Fit. She suggested that you take vitamin C every hour all day for infections, flu, colds, and other health problems. Over the next 50 years, I used that suggestion from time to time and more recently I used it with MMS. I found it to be an excellent way of taking MMS. Small hourly doses allow MMS to handle a number of diseases that it will not handle in any other way. Were it not for Adelles hourly doses of vitamin C, I might not have ever used MMS that way. For example, we treated those HIV victims in Malawi with small 3-drop hourly doses for 3 weeks 8 hours a day, and that was all they needed.


Do I sound excessively dramatic? Im convinced that the best thing I can do for you at this time is to persuade you to buy and read this book. If you know the information in this book, chances are 95% that it will save your life or the life of a loved one sometime within the next 5 years. In fact, please buy more than one and give them to friends or neighbours.


Youre Invited to Join Our Church

I would like to remind you that we are a church, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, a non-religious Church formed to serve mankind. There has never been another church formed for this purpose, but serving mankind is a legitimate purpose for a church. We work to bring freedom to humanity and to heal the sick, among other things. All people of all religions can be part of the Genesis II Church. Our members are protected from vaccinations, forced insurance, and other government interference. This new book has a chapter on our church that is filled with little-known and valuable information on churches in relation to governments.


Why not buy this book, learn how MMS can heal 99% of mankinds diseases, and join our Church? It could be a big step in helping humanity to again be free.


As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble







Upcoming Worldwide MMS Seminars

Dominican Republic

Aug 7th 17th (in progress)

Sept. 25th Oct.5th


For more information, please contact us at mmsforhispaniola@gmail.com.


www.mmsworldcourt.org is Now Live

Please check it out and give us your opinion and ideas. Remember, we need testimonies. If you can do a 3-5 minute YouTube video testimony, it would help a lot of people to see and hear what you did to cure yourself with MMS. You can send testimonies to genesis2mission@gmail.com or add yours at www.jimhumble.biz.



  1. You can take the MMS video course at home, taught by me personally, and become a Health Minister. For more information, please contact us at genesis2mission@gmail.com.

  2. To learn more about joining the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, please contact us at gen2church@gmail.com.

  3. To see the membership cards, please go to www.genesis2church.com or www.mmsnews.org.

  4. Please use gen2church@gmail.com for any Genesis II Church inquiries.

  5. For new disease protocols, go to www.mmsanswers.org and www.jimhumble.biz.


                                                                           MMS Saves Lives


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