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By David Icke


How much longer will there be an Arabic Middle East in anything, but name? Answer: not long at all unless their quivering leadership open their eyes and summon some backbone and moral courage pretty damn quick.


I am not holding my breath, but I am always open to being surprised.


Firstly, the lack of support given by the Arab world in general to the Palestinian people being subjected to the merciless genocide of Israel is a bloody disgrace. Beyond words a disgrace.


Genocide? Oh yes, genocide, the definition of which is as follows:


'The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of an entire national, racial, religious, or ethnic group.'


Those words make it impossible to describe what is happening to the Palestinians as anything, but genocide.





Since Israel was bombed and terrorised into existence in 1948 its Rothschild-controlled leadership has systematically stolen more and more land through military force and intimidation until now the Palestinians are herded into tiny enclaves like the truly horrific Gaza Strip - a concentration camp for a tortured and terrorised people.


They are bombed without mercy from the sky and their civilians targeted with white phosphorus weapons that burn people alive causing death and suffering beyond the imagination.






The true face of Israel


Every day more Palestinians die at the hands of the insane Israeli military and from the consequences of the Gaza concentration camp being closed by Israel to essential supplies; every day more Palestinian homes are bulldozed and farming land seized to be handed to illegal Jewish 'settlers'; every day the Palestinian people have their lives systematically disrupted and their ability to survive systematically destroyed to serve the goal of their genocidal extinction.


Yet every day the cosseted, bloated billionaires of the Arab 'leadership' - mostly imposed 'leadership' - cast their eyes in the other direction.


'Oh, how terrible it is to see the plight of our brothers and sisters in Gaza - the king was only saying so the other day when we were celebrating the latest oil figures.'


How outrageous that it takes Turkish and non-Muslim nationals to attempt to break the Gaza blockade while the gutless and self-obsessed 'leadership' of the Middle East does nothing.


Not their problem, eh?? I have news for them, it bloody well is.


Maybe they know the game is almost up and they are planning to take their riches and relocate. Or maybe, and I wouldn't rule this out, either, they still can't see the blatantly friggin' obvious.


If so, I think I can help them there.


When people think of the Arab world and the Middle East they perceive a vast land of riches and power under the control of the religion of Islam in all its many and various forms.


But that's not how it is. The Middle East is not, overwhelmingly, controlled from Riyadh, Mecca, Dubai or Tehran. It is controlled from Washington, New York, London and Tel Aviv. It is controlled ultimately by the House of Rothschild which, in turn, controls Washington, New York, London and Tel Aviv.


This is why the governments, intelligence agencies and military of the United States and Israel move as one unit, speak with one tongue. It is the tongue of the Rothschilds and the global Illuminati network which has Zionism as a prime strand in its web.


Netanyahu and Obama are just its sound system, its teleprompter readers, with Netanyahu by the far the most influential of the two.




'So let me get this right, Ben ... you tell me what to do ...?


'Yep, that's the deal, whatever your name is ...'


'Okay. But I still get to be president, right?'


'In theory, yes.'




The idea that the Islamic religion and the Arabic royal families and governments run the Middle East is, to say the least, rather less than the full story.


More accurately, it has always been the case pretty much that those who appear to be running the Islamic and Arabic world are allowed to do so only while they stay within the guidelines imposed from Washington, London and, more covertly for obvious reasons, Tel Aviv.


Do as we say and you can keep your illusory power and the billions that go with it. But start thinking that you really are in control and we'll find a reason to send the boys in or take out the ones who are causing us bother.


'Hey, there's some royal Arab guy here speaking his mind. Get Mossad on the phone.'


It is, I grant you, much easier to ignore the gathering subjugation of the Arab world and count your money for just a bit longer while kidding yourself that everything's fine. Wishful thinking has done for many a dynasty. Most of them, in fact.




This simple map might, however, just concentrate a few minds in the palaces of the Middle East and prick a few bubbles of the wishful thinkers. The map is more like a Rothschild-Israel-US 'wish-list' and the ticks are gathering.


Think back just nine years to September 11th 2001. There has always been massive US and British influence in the Middle and Near East since oil was discovered, but at least there was some kind of Arabic/Islamic rule from the border of Israel (just off the map to the left) and across to the border of China.


But now look at it less than a decade later.


Afghanistan has gone. Does anyone really think that President Karzai runs the place? Of course not. He's a token glove puppet, a deeply corrupt one, and answers to the United States (the Rothschilds).


Iraq has gone. The 'weapons of mass destruction' fakery was used to 'justify' the mass slaughter and maiming of millions to replace Saddam Hussein (himself imposed by a CIA coup) with a powerless 'elected government' that dare not sneeze without US approval.


I said when the invasion began in 2003 that there was no way the US planned to leave Iraq and so it has proved with an enormous embassy complex and military structure preparing to control the country indefinitely.


When Obama pledged during his sickening election campaign to withdraw from Iraq he was just doing what Obama does - lie.


Pakistan is going. Obama's first decision in office was to agree to a bombing raid on Pakistan and how symbolic that was because the US/Israeli manufactured terrorism there and the US bombing of 'terrorist targets'(civilians mostly) is being used to make Pakistan ripe for complete takeover. The US/Mossad terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, in 2008 was also part of this.


Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, both overwhelmingly Islamic, are currently being played off against each other in manipulated ethnic violence to destabilise them in preparation for subjugation.


All of the Islamic countries on that map connecting Israel with China have been invaded, undermined or targeted, and that brings me to Iran. Look at that line of countries again from the border of Israel with Syria to the border of China. One country stands out as a 'must-get' - Iran.




I know I am stating the obvious to anyone with a brain in any way engaged, but the 'danger' of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons programme is simply a No-Problem-Reaction-Solution in a desperate effort by the US and Israel (the Rothschilds) to sell the invasion of the key country on their wish list.


This is why when the American government demands an action from Iran and then Iran complies, as with the deal with Turkey and Brazil over enrichment, the US simply says, oh, no, it's still not enough.


It will never be enough because the idea is to invade, just as it was with Iraq.


If Iran were to fall, like Iraq and large swathes of Afghanistan, that whole Islamic/Arabic 'chain' would be under blatant external control except for Jordan, Syria and Pakistan (which they are undermining by the day).


And all of that will have happened in just a decade since the US/Israeli-engineered attacks on 9/11.



The Islamic world


What would be left of the Arab Middle East then? Only isolated remnants of the former 'empire' -  Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen. With Iran gone, are any of these going to be willing, or able, to resist the onslaught of the US and Israel (the Rothschilds)?


Countries like Egypt, Kuwait and others are already little more than satellites of the US and Israel and with Iran gone that would rapidly escalate either by conquest or the fierce imposition of  US/Israel (Rothschild) policy via the official Arabic rulers who would know the consequences of resistance.


The same would go for Islamic North Africa in the form of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.




Today we have the truly grotesque sight of the 'Islamic rebel', the Libyan dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, employing the Rothschild front man, Tony Blair, as an 'advisor' - the same Tony Blair who lied to justify the invasion of Iraq with all the mass death and suffering of Gaddafi's fellow Muslims and Arabs.


Gaddafi is a fraud beyond belief.




But then so many of the Arab and Muslim national 'leadership' don't give a damn about the people they claim to 'represent' - overwhelmingly by genetic dictatorship.


Look no further for confirmation than that massive chunk of Arabian land known as Saudi Arabia. Some of those reading this far may have wondered why that has not yet been mentioned in terms of resisting the US/Israeli (Rothschild) juggernaut sweeping across the Middle and Near East. 


It has not rated a mention in this regard because Saudi Arabia is owned by the United States and Israel (the Rothschilds), not least by the fact that the House of Saud is a Jewish bloodline. They are usurpers and informed people and insiders in the Middle East know that.


This is why the House of Saud, with all its apparent wealth and power, sits on its collective hands with an elastoplast across its collective mouth while the Israeli government and military engage in genocide against the Islamic Palestinian people.


This is why, as I said in my new book, a fact confirmed this week in the mainstream UK media, Saudi Arabia has opened its northern airspace to Israeli fighter planes should they choose to attack Iran.


The alleged 'spiritual' home of Islam opens its airspace to Israel to attack another Islamic country? Come again? Only when you know the background does the apparently crazy begin to make sense.


Saudi Arabia is the centre of the Islamic world and religion? What?? They have hijacked the Islamic world and religion by hijacking the 'holy sites' of Mecca and Medina, just as their 'cousins' (their word) in Israel are seeking to hijack the Islamic 'holy sites' in Jerusalem.


They have also invented an extreme manufactured form of 'Islam' called Wahhabism, named after an 18th century usurper of Islam called Muhammad Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab. It has one goal - the control of the masses by a bunch of 'royal' hypocrites through a reign of 'religious' terrorism.



 The House of Frauds and Fakes


I described Saudi Arabia many years ago in my books as the '51st state of the United States' (one of many) and it is also a vassal of Israel and the Rothschilds.


This explains why ...


  • The House of Saud-controlled CIA asset, Osama bin Laden, was despatched to be the frontman for the US-funded and trained 'Mujahideen' to fight the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan - the Mujahideen that became the Taliban.


  • The 'Arab hijackers' set up to take the rap for 9/11 came overwhelmingly from Saudi Arabia.


  • The Bush family is so close to both the House of Saud and the bin Ladens.


It's all a movie and so many in the Middle East have bought the script.



The United States and Saudi Arabia work hand in hand ...


The United States (and Israel through the United States) already have enormous influence throughout the Islamic-oil region, but what they want is complete control, as they already have in Saudi Arabia.


This is where Iran comes in. Once Iran has fallen the rest of the Arab/Islamic world will fall, too, and those who currently think they are running their fiefdoms and countries will realise that they never were.


But while Iran is demonised to prepare the ground for attack and invasion, the rest of the Arab/Islamic world is pretty much silent. They should be working 24/7 to circle the symbolic wagons around Iran, if nothing else for their own long-term survival.


But no. They appear quite happy to leave Iran and its people to their fate. Even from the most selfish of standpoints - their own protection from US-Israel control - that is a suicidal stance to take.


But they think it is much easier to whistle in the dark and kid themselves that the obvious is not happening.


And there is something else. The Islamic religion has been used by the elite to suppress the population in general, but there is still the danger that this religious consistency might turn into some kind of unity of purpose and response.


So they have split the religion into warring factions. The same was done with Christianity in the form of  Protestants and Catholics and with Islam it is the Sunnis and the Shiites.



They both believe in Islam, but there is a BIG difference (it says here). You see, the Sunni branch believes that the first four caliphs (Mohammed's successors) rightfully took his place as leaders of the Muslims and that their heirs are the legitimate religious leadership. The Shiites say that only the heirs of the fourth caliph, Ali, are the legitimate successors of Mohammed.

The difference is slightly more than that, but, er, not much.

Now, in a world of Consciousness, the above 'differences' would not matter a jot. After all, they believe in the same religion, don't they? (Not that this should matter either, but I digress.)


Ah, but it does matter - it centuries of conflict, violence, death and destruction matters. And it matters for many, it seems, with regard to the US Sunni/Shiite divide and rule in Iraq and the situation now facing Iran.


Below is a map of Sunni and Shiite countries. The Sunni nations are in green and there's a big country in the middle that is Shiite red. Now, I wonder what that could be?





Add to this the still vehemently applied sense of tribal identity and rivalry in the Middle East and you have just the combustive mixture for the US-Israel-Rothschild axis to exploit through divide and rule. Oh, how often we have seen it.


It was the rivalry and fighting among Native American tribes that allowed the Europeans to take over that land far more easily than it could have been. Sometimes  Native Americans from one tribe were used to track or undermine another on behalf of the force invading them all.


It was the rivalry and fighting among African tribes that allowed black slaves to be captured far more easily than it could have been with Africans from one tribe used to capture slaves from another tribe on behalf of the force invading them all.


It was this same tribal rivalry and manipulated conflict that allowed the Europeans to take over southern Africa - the same across the world.



 The result of tribal war in Africa - well that's all sorted then.


And now here we are seeing it unfold in precisely the same way in the Middle and Near East.


Therefore, it is not only the Arabian royal families and other leaders who need to come together in mutual support and protection of Iran (and their own countries, too, in truth), so do the people in general.


What the hell do irrelevant religious and tribal differences matter when the whole Arabic region of the world is being picked off bit-by-bit, country-by-country?


First they came for Afghanistan and I was not Afghanistan, so I did nothing.


Then they came for Iraq and I was not Iraq, so I did nothing.


Then they came for Pakistan and I was not Pakistan, so I did nothing.


Then they came for Iran and I was not Iran, so I did nothing (well, they were Shiite, anyway).


Then they came for me, and there was no-one left to speak out for me.




COME TOGETHER for goodness sake, or regret it for the rest of your lives - and your children's lives. WAKE UP - your differences don't matter and neither does your perceived self-interest because the collective interest is your self-interest if only you would lift your head from the prayer mat and see.


I have no religious or political allegiance, I don't believe in either, but I say that people should be allowed to believe whatever they like and practice whatever religion they like so long as it is not imposed on anyone else.


I am simply interested in a world of freedom, peace, justice and respect - in other words a world that is Conscious.


To achieve that, and end the global tyranny, we all need to come together in mutual support behind those mutual goals - freedom, peace, justice and respect.


No more divide and rule.


This also demands that we ALL get off our knees - the people of the Middle East need to get off their knees to royal and political elites and those elites need to get off their knees to the forces that control through the United States and Israel.



We are all in this together and we need to get out of it together.


I don't mean through violence, a Jihad, or an Armageddon. I mean through mass non-cooperation with the system of control, no matter what your colour, creed, culture or religion.


I mean through the Arabic/Islamic royal and political leadership spending their billions on a global campaign exposing the agenda of the Rothschilds and their twin flames, the American and Israeli governments, along with others like the European Union.


I mean speaking out in defence of Iran and the Palestinians and exposing the propaganda that seeks to pave the way for war and genocide. I mean ending the gutless and ludicrous silence on these matters and screaming it from the rooftops - challenging the agenda at every turn in every detail.


Never has humanity been more open to such exposure.


The Arabic world has the money and resources to do it - including significant influence over the flow and sale of oil - but does it have the foresight, insight and moral fibre to do it?


If it doesn't, it's over for all of them, and not long from now, either.




Israel and the United States (the Rothschilds) have got so confident (or maybe desperate) that they are not even trying to hide what they are doing anymore from anyone with eyes to see. They want us to think they are invincible and nothing can stop them.


That is why they so blatantly launched their murderous attack on the Gaza flotilla in international waters; that is why Mossad agents so openly entered Dubai with fake British passports and flaunted themselves on hotel security cameras to murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior commander of the Palestinian group Hamas.


They put all this on public display, as with the mass murder in Gaza, because they want to (a) show that they can do what they like without consequence, and (b) to show what happens if they are crossed or resisted.


It is pure intimidation and the leadership of the Middle and Near East, along with its people, now have to decide if they are going to run away and hide, shaking in their sandals, or if the time has come to say ENOUGH.


The decision will decide what happens to the Middle and Near East in the short-term, as well as the long, and it is a decision that needs to be made now - urgently.


I made my own a long time ago. The only place I am running is straight at them. Anyone care to join me?


Your colour, culture, race, religion and income bracket are irrelevant to me. A commitment to freedom, justice, peace and respect is all that is necessary.


Oh yes, and a backbone with an aversion to jelly will come in very handy.



David Icke's Sensational New Book











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